Last year on a very cold April day I went out to Matunuck Oyster Bar to shoot a story for Yankee Magazine (in the current Jan/Feb2012 isssue). Along with food stylist Maria Del Mar Sacasa I shot beauties of oysters and the featured recipe “oysters Rockefeller”. This is my favorite kind of shoot, working with another creative mind, having a delicious lunch of oyster stew and then heading out to see where the food came from.

We were sitting in the window watching for the boat to come in so we could head to the oyster beds with Perry Raso. I saw these four guys get out of the boat in their working attire and rushed out to the dock to get a portrait. They were somewhat puzzeled as to why I would want their picture but were willing subjects. I positioned them together but otherwise didn’t give any direction. I rarely ask subjects to smile because I love peoples own natural body language. I only shot about 6 frames but that’s all I needed.

I asked if I was was dressed warmly enough to go out on the boat (light wind breaker, no hat, no gloves) they said..sure, we’re dressed this way because we’re out there all day…you’ll be fine… well.. it was maybe the coldest photo shoot I’ve ever done! By the time we came back in my fingers were bright red, frozen to my camera…it took me a couple of hours to warm up driving home. But, it was so worth it. Loved the experience of going out in the fog, Maria and I clutching each other so we wouldn’t fall off the boat that was flying across the water.

Here are a few out takes from the shoot.

Chef with super fresh oysters

One of the oyster boats coming in to the dock

The seal stayed on the rock until we got a little too close for comfort

Heading out in the fog

Love the foggy, cold landscape

Perry Raso piloting the boat

Checking the bags of oysters

The wake

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