A few weeks ago I headed out to Colorado for my newphews graduation from CO State Univ in Ft Collins. I had 2 nights in Denver (Bro Matt & Pelusa’s), 2 nights in Rustic (at a cabin my Bro & SIL rented for the weekend), 2 nights in Golden at Bro Chris & Carrie’s, and another 2 nights in Denver. I’ve been to Colorado many times since my first visit at 20 and Spring is my favorite time to go. It’s sunny and warm but not hot. The foliage has that beautiful chartreuse green that I love and the landscape hasn’t turned to the scorched earth that happens later in summer.

Up the Poudre Canyon to the cabin in Rustic.
Keep in mind that I drove to the cabin up the canyon the night before at about midnight, in the rain, no street lights, no guard rails! Was fantastic to wake up in the morning and see where we were!

The “cabin” and Michelle

Inside the cabin…Yikes! We were not expecting to be sharing with another family! No matter where you were they seemed to be staring at you.

A couple of backyard visitors

A couple in the front yard..Matt & Pelusa after Pablo’s graduation

Everywhere you look there’s something to photograph..even down

Or up

The girls never lack for something to do, when I was their age I would do the same.

A walk over to the Poudre River with Michelle

Tiny Aspen leaves

Lack of winter snow has made the rivers low this year…still pretty though

Heading out for a family hike further up the canyon

The ascent

Competing with Matt to see who can get the better moving water shots…

Our summit

And did I mention it was Mother’s Day… Pelusa & me

The descent


Part II coming next week

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